Season 2019 is over, here you can see final team rankings

LBC – Lisää Bassoa Challenge is an SPL contest that is organized by AI Group. Equipment is limited to brands distributed by AI Group. Those are following: Brax, DD Audio, Ground Zero, Helix, Match, Rainbow and Soundigital.

Rules are pretty simple, scoring is calculated using dB measurement with Term Lab and installation points. It is possible to get penalty points for example dirty car, missing parts in interior etc But also it is possible to get bonus points for very good looking car and nice installation details etc.

Competition Classes are price-based or limited to certain products. Prices are calculated by using the product value chart. Chart prices are srp ( suggested retail price ) of products. Products to these challenges you can by from AI Group retailers in Finland and Sweden. You can use discount products and second hand products if you want, but their calculated value is same as with new ones.

Every competitor has to be in a competition team. So he represents his team as well as him self.

For season 2019 LBC is expanding to Sweden. This year competitors represent themselves, their team and country. Finals in autumn 2019 will bring legendary Finnkampen between Finland and Sweden to car audio SPL scene!